Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Saving rural mothers: A low cost, portable solution for antenatal care

Despite India's booming economy, it is still one of the riskiest places on the planet to bear, and birth a child. In 2010, nearly half of all births in India took place without a trained health professional. 150,000 of those ended fatally for the mother, or the child. What explains this? And more importantly, can we help solve it? We took on the challenge, and here is our humble answer:

  • A traditional midwife, motivated get validation of her skills, and save more lives
  • A private hospital, motivated to serve complicated pregnancy cases otherwise left unaddressed
[Device] A wearable belt that
(1) collects the following fetal and maternal health data
  • Fetal heart rate: using multiple tiny microphones all around the belly
  • Kick count: using pressure sensors embedded in the belt
  • Approximate orientation of fetus: triangulated using the sound signals collected for heart rate
  • Contraction stress test: using pressure sensors embedded in the belt
(2) connects to an entry level mobile smartphone, and transfer the data encoded in common image format
(3) the mobile phone then sends data as images through a simple & established channel (e.g. Whatsapp) to a remote monitoring center when the data/wifi connection is available
(4) A deciphering app at the remote center un-packages and presents it for review to trained physicians

We are offering this design for free to a grass root team committed to make it a success. For details, please contact us here.

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