Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Enabling midwives, the guardians of birth in an alternate world

178 mothers are still dying per 100,000 live births in India. This is after bringing the number of institutional deliveries to 70%. Why? According to the world health organization, midwives "who are educated and regulated to international standards" can provide 87% of the essential care for pregnant Indian women and newborns. We conducted our own research, and here is our solution:

A pregnant lady, motivated to 
  • Get a free ante-natal health checkup
  • Earn some extra money 

A local youth, motivated to 
  • Earn a living while staying in the community
  • Serve the community in the process

[The Setup] A “Kala Klinic” (Craft Clinic) that is 
  • Run by a community member, as a franchisee of Worthee.org (Kala-Mitr)
  • Serviced by paid health workers (Kala-Karta)
  • Visited by community’s pregnant women, to exchange local hand-created craft for a free health checkup, possibly make extra money (Kala-Kaar)
  • Mentored by volunteering remote Obs/Gyn physician specialists (Kala-Klinician)

A. A tele-health mobile application that 
  • provides a step by step workflow for a Kala-Karta to perform an ante-natal checkup of a visiting Kala-Kaar
  • send collected health information periodically to Kala-Klinicians for review
  • allows a Kala-Karta to schedule a tele-visit with a Kala-Klinician using a popular mobile app

B. A wearable expandable and washable belt that holds sensors to measure
  • Fetal heart rate: using multiple tiny microphones all around the belly
  • Kick count: using pressure sensors embedded in the belt
  • Approximate orientation of fetus: triangulated using the sound signals collected for heart rate
  • Contraction stress test: using pressure sensors embedded in the belt
Interested in the design and our proposal? 

We are offering it for free to a grass roots team committed to making it a reality. Write to us here and let us get started.

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